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Brooklyn Shea

Exfoliating Bag (Brooklyn Bars)

Exfoliating Bag (Brooklyn Bars)

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Discover the wonders of our mesh bags designed for invigorating exfoliation. These bags offer an exceptional way to enhance your skincare routine. As you gently massage your skin, the mesh creates a delightful friction that stimulates the production of rich, cleansing foam. This process effectively helps to release dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

In addition to its exfoliating properties, our mesh bags also promote blood circulation, further contributing to a healthy and radiant complexion. Experience the rejuvenating benefits as you indulge in a pampering skincare ritual.

Our mesh bags are not only beneficial for your skin but also extend the life of your beloved soap bars. By using the bag to lather up, you can ensure that your soap bar stays intact and lasts longer, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for an extended period.

Embrace the exfoliating power and versatility of our mesh bags, an essential tool in your skincare arsenal. Elevate your bathing experience and unlock the rejuvenating effects of improved blood circulation and gentle exfoliation. Extend the life of your soap bars while indulging in the luxuriously cleansing foam created by these innovative bags.

Instructions for Use: Place soap in bag and use to take a bath or shower. After each use, rinse and hang up to dry.

**The cotton drawstring allows you to hang the soap sponge in your shower or bathtub tap to dry and keep your soap close at hand for the next application.**

Material Used: Natural Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the agave plant, a  traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate skin, delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.


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