Behind Brooklyn Shea

In my cozy apartment nestled in Cupertino, California, I found myself gazing at my dwindling stock of shea butter. Being familiar with Cupertino, you'd know that there aren't many stores catering to African Americans in the area. Caught in this predicament, I had to either seek a source in Atlanta to ship some to me or take matters into my own hands and create my own supply. After all, who doesn't appreciate the indulgence of smooth, hydrated skin?

And thus, Brooklyn Shea came into existence. The name "Brooklyn Shea" pays homage to both my affection for shea butter and my roots in Brooklyn, New York. I wanted a name that embodies my love for both shea butter and the place I call home.

My adoration for shea butter knows no bounds, especially when it hails directly from Ghana. When blended with the perfect combination of ingredients, shea butter works wonders for your skin. It is my passion to share this love for shea butter with everyone, regardless of whether it's your first encounter or a familiar experience. I wholeheartedly hope that you all relish the benefits it brings to your skincare routine!