Behind Brooklyn Shea

Sitting in my apartment in Cupertino, California, I was staring at my low stock of shea butter. If you've been to Cupertino, you know that there aren't many stores that cater to African Americans. There I was stuck with finding someone in Atlanta to either ship some to me or create my own, so I won't be in this situation again because who doesn't love a nice smooth, hydrated skin?

From this, Brooklyn Shea was born. The name Brooklyn Shea derives from my love of shea butter and the place I am from, Brooklyn, New York. I wanted a name representing my love for where I am from and, of course, shea butter.

My love for shea butter is unmatched, straight from Ghana at that. When mixed with the right ingredients, shea butter works wonders for your skin. I wanted to share my love for shea butter with everyone, whether it's your first time trying it or not. I hope you all enjoy it!