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Peppermint Sage Mini

Peppermint Sage Mini

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Experience the luxury of our original shea butter formula, meticulously crafted to provide a beautiful and velvety texture. Through our unique process, we combine raw, unrefined butters and nourishing oils, which are then air whipped to perfection. This results in a sumptuous texture that glides effortlessly onto your skin, making the application of our shea butter products quick and easy.

To enhance your sensory experience, we have added a refreshing touch of peppermint and sage oils. These invigorating oils create a delightful scent that is slightly minty, brightening your senses and infusing your day with a renewed energy. Allow the refreshing aroma to uplift and revitalize your spirit, turning your skincare routine into a truly rejuvenating experience.

Indulge in the beauty of our air whipped shea butter formula and experience the velvety texture that it provides. Delight in the convenience of quick and easy application, while immersing yourself in the refreshing scent of peppermint and sage oils. Elevate your skincare routine and nourish your senses with a product designed to pamper and invigorate.

Size: 2oz 

Very little goes a long way. 100% all natural, no preservatives, see product Product Care page for more information.

 *Mixing Spatula Included

Instructions for Use: Apply shea butter to body, preferably after bathing for maximum moisture benefits. 

Need a little extra skin love? Add the body oil to your skincare regimen (sold separately)


Raw, unrefined shea butter, raw kokum butter, unrefined mango butter, unrefined cocoa butter, raw coconut oil, organic baobab oil, peppermint oil, clary sage oil.

Disclaimer:  Always perform a patch test to make sure your skin can tolerate the oils.

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