All Things Brooklyn Shea!

All Things Brooklyn Shea!

A lot has changed over a few months. I decided to update my logo to make it more unisex, and I also released new products!

Let's check out all things new!

I wanted to have a shea butter scent for the males. I previously released Florence and Marilyn, which both have a floral aroma. I couldn't leave the males out even though I have a lot of males that like Florence. I decided to use Bergamot and Tea Tree, which is popular in male colognes aside from the benefits. This collection is now known as The Bold Collection. There will be an individual blog coming soon on it.


Next is the Brooklyn Bars! I add the Shea Bar, which shea butter is the main ingredient, and it has a more calming scent. I also added the Hibiscus Bar, which is seasonal and limited because the hibiscus flower used is not an every-season type of flower. Be on the lookout for the Brooklyn Bars blog!

This spring and summer, I will be vending at Battery Park in Atlanta. If you all have time, I suggest stopping by! You can also check out the Events tab for all the dates.

I'm excited about the direction Brooklyn Shea is going, and I can't wait to share it all with you all!

                             💜Check out the new logo and labels below.💜

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