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Brooklyn Minis

Marilyn Mini

Marilyn Mini

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Discover the invigorating allure of Marilyn, a luxurious creation designed to lavish your skin with moisture and love. This exquisite blend combines our renowned Brooklyn Butters formula with the enchanting combination of Cistus oil and Rose Petal powder.

Marilyn exudes an uplifting aroma that is fresh, herbaceous, floral, and spicy, captivating your senses and elevating your skincare experience.

Our signature Brooklyn Butters formula, known for its ability to deliver opulent moisture and tender care, becomes even more extraordinary with the infusion of Cistus oil and Rose Petal powder.

Cistus oil, also known as Rose of Sharon, brings a host of benefits to your skin. It works harmoniously to balance the pH levels, promoting a healthier complexion. Additionally, Cistus oil fights visible signs of aging, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting a more youthful-looking skin.

Rose Petal powder adds a touch of natural toning and soothing to the Marilyn blend. With its gentle properties, it acts as a natural toner, helping to refine the appearance of pores and promote a smoother complexion. Furthermore, it offers a soothing sensation to your skin, leaving it feeling calm and rejuvenated.

Indulge in the opulence of Marilyn, crafted to provide luxurious moisture and love to your skin. Embrace the harmonious fusion of our signature Brooklyn Butters formula, Cistus oil, and Rose Petal powder. Elevate your skincare journey with a creation that offers optimal care, while captivating your senses.

Size: 2oz 

Very little goes a long way. 100% all natural, no preservatives, see product Product Care page for more information.

*Mixing Spatula Included


Instructions for Use: Apply shea butter to body, preferably after bathing for maximum moisture benefits. 

Need a little extra skin love? Add the body oil to your skincare regimen (sold separately)


Unrefined shea butter, raw kokum butter, unrefined mango butter, unrefined cocoa butter, raw coconut oil, organic baobab oil, cistus essential oil, rose powder.

** If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.**

Disclaimer:  Always perform a patch test to make sure your skin can tolerate the oils.

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