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Hey guys, hope you're doing great! Welcome to our first post for our blog, It's Shea Butter, Baby, where we will be discussing all thing shea butter. If you're not familiar with all the amazing benefits of using shea butter, well then you're in for a treat. On our Products and Benefits page, we list that shea butter is a skin and hair superfood that has actually been used for years in Africa, to maintain healthy skin and hair. Just think about it: shea butter is a moisturizer, natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal product that assists in cell regeneration and helps battle the effects of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Another characteristic is that it's non-comedogenic, which means that contrary to what some may believe, shea butter does not clog pores. These are just a fraction of shea butters properties so stayed tuned, there's more to come!

Brooklyn Shea's whipped shea butters are 100% all-natural, raw, organic, and we don't use preservatives. When you get your order, depending on how long the shipping time was, your shea butter may have melted, slightly hardened or may even have a different color. Don't worry, that's absolutely normal and does not degrade the amazing benefits! If you find that your shea butter has melted, simply use the provided spatula and stir the butter, then place in the fridge for 3 to 5 minutes and voila - your shea butter is ready to use.

Brooklyn Shea's shea butter formulas actually should not harden but in the event this does happen or if you do find a few pieces of un-whipped shea butter, no problem! Simply scoop out some product onto your palm, place your palms together to trap your body heat, apply light pressure to promote melting. Once the shea butter is melted, it is ready to apply.

Keep in mind, a little shea butter goes a LONG way. Everyone wants to look moisturized with that goddess glow, but no one wants to look like they've been tackling a plate of greasy fried foods! I've found that about a tablespoon to two work really well for me, but of course, it may be different for each individual. My advice - for your body, start with a tablespoon and from there, you'll be able to gauge just how much will work for you. When I apply my shea butter, I also do so after a shower because that's when your skin still has the most moisture. The shea butter will act as a sealant to lock in the maximum moisture into your skin. After washing your hands, apply about a half to a teaspoon to your hands and rub it into your skin and cuticles for beautiful, youthful hands.

 Stay tuned for our next blog, we'll be discussing a skincare routine that includes shea butter. Have a blessed day!

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I love all the Shea butters I have purchased. They work so well. I’m excited to see what’s next.

Kelly Trujillo

Very informative, and I am enjoying my Brooklynshea will definitely be reordering !

Sharon Britto

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