Bold aren't you?

It was only a matter of time that I create whipped shea butter specifically for males. Don't get me wrong, all of the body-butters can be for males; however, after releasing more feminine scented ones, Marilyn & Florence, I decided it was time for a masculine one.

What's in Bold?

The primary oil used is Bergamot oil. Bergamot oil is top-rated in male cologne. A few benefits of this oil are that it tones and soothes your complexion. It is also a natural cleanser. It's perfect for oily skin, helping to unclog pores and balance sebum levels. As a relaxant, Bergamot Essential Oil alleviates tension, anxiety, and depression.

Tea Tree oil is the other oil used when making Bold. As you all know, Tea Tree mini is already part of the collection. However, I paired it with Bergamot because of its added benefits. Tea tree oil a powerful, antiseptic, immune system stimulant that is beneficial for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also calms redness and swelling.

This bright sunniness typical of citrus but with a unique floral and spicy edge scent is what makes The Bold Collection!

Currently, the collection comes in 2oz; however, the 8oz will be released very soon! 

Purchase Bold below!


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