Body Butter vs Lotion: What’s The Difference?

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve been doing amazing and staying healthy! Welcome back to another volume of our blog. We’ve been pretty busy, what with several events we attended and just having a blast. We do have a few more coming up, which is really exciting, as well as a few new surprises for you guys, so stay tuned!
So today, I’m going to talk about the differences between shea butter and body lotions. What’s the big fuss, you may ask? What’s the difference and which one should I be using? Well I’m here to give you to the ins and outs. Again, we love sales and new clients, but we are also all about being very transparent and open. Shea butter may not be for everyone, and we are here to provide as much information as we can for you, so that you can make informed decisions.
Now, let’s jump right in!
If you’re like me, then you know with winter approaching comes dryer skin and hair. I do love the beauty of winter, but it does not love my skin, which is pretty dry. We tend to lose moisture during the colder months, and it can be a fight to maintain that moisture. To fix my winter dry skin issues, I, of course, use shea butter because it helps to seal in any moisture I either apply to my skin or that is already there. It’s what works best for me and keeps my skin hydrated and healthy and it’s such a luxurious experience.

What are the differences?

Shea Butter Body Butter

❖ Very thick formula that contains a mixture of butters and oils
❖ 100% all-natural formulas can be used safely all over your body
❖ Provides an intensive, luxurious moisture for extremely dry or rough skin
❖ Low water content
❖ Contain a high concentration of skin softening fatty acids
❖ Higher shelf life due to lack of water


❖ Lightweight moisturizing
❖ Used for skin that is only slightly dry
❖ Higher water content or hydrosols
❖ The formula is lighter, you can pour out onto surface
❖ Can be used all over body
❖ Shorter shelf life due to water, so preservatives must be added

So, the gist of it is this - if you’re looking for a product that will help tremendously with retaining moisture, healing, anti inflammatory properties, and SPF coverage then Brooklyn Shea’s line of whipped shea is for you. If your skin is not prone to dryness or you prefer a lighter moisturizer and you choose lotion, make sure that you are checking the ingredients so that you are not applying harmful chemicals to your skin, but instead applying a lotion that is fortified with fatty acids and healing agents. Until next time, stay blessed!
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